It is day of the hiking expedition around the Baltic Sea!



11th week. Longest bench in Sweden and a fallen moon

Posted on Jun. 17, 2024

Week 11 recap is here! While hiking, you never know what you might find – perhaps the longest bench in Sweden or a fallen moon? Maybe a scenic path at the summit or a flock of sheep? Or if you’re lucky, you might encounter a group of Lithuanians with a giant Lithuanian cake šakotis! Continue […]

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Luleå beach clean up

Date: August 9, 2024

The sea begins here! In our hearts and minds, In our homes and cities, From every stream by which we live. The team of the “Save The Baltic Sea” hiking expedition, which embarked from the Lithuanian seaside on March 11, 2024, invites people to come together to the Luleå beach on August 9th at 17:00 […]

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