It is day of the hiking expedition around the Baltic Sea!



Save the Baltic Sea: a hike, a conference an a promise

Date: April 29, 2024

Join us in Copenhagen on Monday the 29th of April as we host the Danish leg of the 9-month long, 6000km “Save the Baltic Sea” Expedition. This group is traversing the entire coastline of the Baltic Sea to engage with local and national organizations and galvanize efforts to combat marine pollution sources.  Come and hear […]

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Save The Baltic Sea Expedition: Exploring Poland’s Coastal Condition

Posted on Apr. 16, 2024

Starting  from Lithuania’s shores, Save The Baltic Sea’s hiking expedition has now traversed the Polish coastline. The team delved into the environmental challenges and conservation efforts shaping Poland’s coastal future. The hiking expedition around the Baltic Sea Save The Baltic Sea, which started on March 11, has already crossed the Polish coast. The expedition members […]

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