It is day of the hiking expedition around the Baltic Sea!

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Science Institutions
Governmental institutions
Former President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus

“The ecological situation of the Baltic Sea is deteriorating every day. We must put all our efforts into changing this. Therefore, pollution must be stopped. Thus, I personally support and invite everyone to support this work, so that by our combined efforts, the Baltic Sea may remain a precious national asset and a national commitment to the future. I invite you to join and support the expedition Save the Baltic Sea.”



European Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius


Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania

“Currently, the Baltic Sea is facing immense challenges; it is the most polluted sea in Europe. We often forget that we ourselves create this pollution by using microplastics and other contaminating substances. Although European and Lithuanian institutions are imposing various bans, we should not talk about them, but about how we could preserve the Baltic Sea without bans. The more we talk about it, the more we will achieve. I strongly believe in this initiative and hope that it will become a success story,”

Deputy Minister of Environment Kęstutis Šetkus

Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission HELCOM

“We are proud to announce being an official partner of the Save the Baltic Sea hiking expedition. The campaign aims are aligned with HELCOM’s Baltic Sea Action Plan, especially HT27: ‘Increase knowledge exchange and awareness raising to promote public and stakeholder support and interest in understanding the state of the Baltic Sea and threats to its environment as well as promote opportunities for the general public to participate in citizen science’ and HL7: ‘Launch educational and information campaigns by 2025 to raise public awareness regarding responsible handling of hazardous substances in household chemicals and articles to prevent their release into the environment.”

European Ocean Coalition EU4Ocean

“Save The Baltic Sea: Ocean literacy activities and living labs” is one of the three winning projects of the EU4Ocean Call for Collective Action on the Challenge of the Year: Strengthening skills in ocean literacy.

The project is implemented with the support of the EU4Ocean Coalition funded by the European Commission. The support will be used to implement ocean literacy activities and living lab workshops together with partners in 8 countries around the Baltic Sea.

UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030)

“The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, also known as the Ocean Decade, began on 1 January 2021. The Ocean Decade will facilitate a transition from the ‘ocean we have’ to the ‘ocean we want’ that supports a sustainable, equitable and healthy future for all.

The “Save The Baltic Sea” hiking expedition is an officially endorsed activity under the Ocean Decade.”

Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF Lithuania)

“Eutrophication is one of the biggest problems of the Baltic Sea. Pollution from agriculture, carried through rivers, significantly contributes to this issue. While traveling around the sea or participating in the expedition, we invite everyone to pledge to take the first steps towards choosing food grown responsibly, without polluting our waters. Additionally, we encourage farmers to take the first or larger steps to reduce their impact on nature.”

APVA Environmental Projects Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania

The Save The Baltic Sea expedition campaign in Lithuania is implemented through the project “Advocacy of Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture” (lt. „Klimato kaitos mažinimo advokacija žemės ūkyje”). It is funded by the Climate Change Program, administered by the Environmental Projects Management Agency of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.

EU MISSIONS: Restore our oceans and waters

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Restore Oceans and Waters

Ocean Plastic Forum

“Ocean Plastic Forum and Clean are happy to be part of the Save The Baltic Sea expedition as part of the project Circular Ocean-bound Plastic (COP). The COP project is a cross-border collaboration project, supported by the Interreg South Baltic programme with the aim of finding solutions to reduce the plastic pollution in the South Baltic Sea. Joining the hiking expedition perfectly aligns with the goals of the COP project.

We are happy to contribute to raising awareness of this pressing issue of pollution in the Baltic Sea, which is not only affected by plastic but a large variety of pollution sources. By being part of the Save The Baltic Sea expedition, we can help shed light on a multifaceted problem which requires immediate attention and action.”

Tartu Environmental Education Centre Tartu Nature House

“Since 1953, Tartu Nature House has been at the forefront of environmental education in Estonia, with sustainability at our core. Today, we proudly coordinate Estonian environmental education activities within the Baltic Sea Project of UNESCO ASPnet and the Eco Schools Programme. Joining forces, as general partners, with the Save The Baltic Sea initiative is a natural step for us, as we strive to increase awareness of our shared sea’s ecological state. The Baltic Sea boasts unique biodiversity, vital to the region’s well-being, yet its significance isn’t always apparent. Our aim is to showcase these values to the public, and as general partners, we’ll organize national educational events along the hiking group’s journey through Estonia, inspiring our community to join the Save The Baltic Sea initiative and take action to improve our sea’s condition. Together, let’s show the way to nature!”




Project name: Sustainability education promotions with outdoor education methods for better health of the Baltic Sea

Funding source: Nordplus Horizontal 2024
Project ID: NPHZ-2024/10120
Project period: May 2024 – Apr 2025
Total allocation: 70 584 EUR

Leading partner:

Tartu Environmental Education Centre (EE, Foundation).
Project coordinator: Gedy Matisen (

Co-operating partners:

For a clean Lithuania, NGO (LT, NGO)
Project manager: Milda Nutautienė (

Norrtälje Nature Conservation Foundation (SE, NGO)
Project manager: Lotta Andersson (

Project summary:


is a comprehensive project aimed at advancing environmental and outdoor education for all, fostering sustainability, and promoting cross-cultural collaboration. Through the organization of three educational events in Norrtälje (19.06.2024), Tallinn (16.10.2024), and Klaipeda (13.12.2024) to support the “Save the Baltic Sea” initiative, the project provides hands-on workshops, citizen science opportunities, coastal clean-ups, panel discussions, and lectures addressing the state of the Baltic Sea.

These events serve as platforms for cross-sectoral educators and learners, enhancing basic skills in science, social responsibility, and cultural insight. The emphasis on the Baltic Sea’s condition fosters awareness and deepens participants’ understanding of environmental issues which are needed for green growth and sustainable development.

Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB)

“The expedition aligns with the main goal of Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB), which is to promote the protection and improvement of the environment and natural resources in the Baltic Sea Region.

By informing citizens about the state of our marine ecosystems, and bringing together local communities and stakeholders, the expedition complements CCB’s activities and raises awareness for the protection of the Baltic Sea’s environment. CCB network engages people to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem and supports the expedition’s environmental campaign.”

North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve Support Association

“We are taking part in this initiative, because the Baltic Sea coast with two specially protected areas – Randu meadows and the Rocky seashore of Vidzeme – are located in the territory of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. In addition, one of the goals of our association is to inform and educate people about nature’s issues and its processes, and this is an excellent opportunity to do it on a larger scale.”

John Nurminen Foundation

“We, at John Nurminen Foundation, protect the marine environment, pass on marine culture and advocate for the importance of the sea. This expedition is a joint action to raise awareness around the Baltic Sea – our sea!”

Coastal Union Germany (EUCC-D)

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Po bangom

“We strongly believe that knowledge inspires care. We believe that people want to preserve what fascinates them – and the allure of the sea is boundless, yet scarcely visible in our country whose coastline stretches only 90 kilometers. Therefore, our goal is to reveal the wonders of the sea to the Lithuanian society and promote interest in marine environmental issues and conservation.”

Klaipeda Region Waste Management Center

“The KRATC team is comprised of more than 100 people who take care of the daily management of the traces of human activity – municipal waste – across 7 coastal municipalities. As one of the largest environmental companies in Western Lithuania, we support ecology-related initiatives.”

Klaipėdos vanduo

“As a socially responsible company that supplies drinking water and treats wastewater, AB „Klaipėdos vanduo” follows a sustainability strategy, making decisions that are focused on sustainability. We believe that every change, even the smallest one, that leads to a reduction in pollution is extremely significant and important. Only by working together can we contribute to the preservation of the environment, the responsible use of our planet’s resources and the reduction of pollution. Together we are stronger to work towards a common goal!”

Association Klaipėda Region

“The Baltic Sea is an integral part of Klaipėda’s identity. We work everyday to strengthen maritime culture and promote knowledge of the sea and its potential. We support the idea and the purpose of the expedition, as our experience shows that by joining hands even the most difficult problems can be solved. Understanding the problems and their causes, having certain scientific information and knowledge, and the education of the public and all relevant parties are essential to achieve that.”

VAATC Vilnius waste management centre

“Lithuania and its people are hard to imagine without the Baltic Sea – it is a part of our essence, a part of our culture. The expedition carries the call of the sea – protect me, protect all that is alive. We will be there with them. In our company’s actions, we see the culture of waste as a reflection and component of all of our culture.”

Vilniaus Vandenys

“Lithuania has a huge natural asset – deep water deposits. But we are all responsible for how we use it, how we treat our wastewater, and for the state of our rivers and the Baltic Sea. No wastewater infrastructure is yet capable of treating the “forever chemicals,” such as antibiotics and Teflon. The technology for this purpose is still under development. Nevertheless, our sustainable daily habits in households and manufacturing industries can make a real difference to the state of Lithuania’s rivers and the Baltic Sea.

As Lithuania’s largest water management company, running the water cycle from its extraction from the underground to supplying it to people and from collecting the wastewater to treating it and returning it to nature, it makes perfect sense for us to spread the word about the impact of our daily habits on nature.”

Šiauliai Region Waste Management Center

Šiauliai Region Waste Management Center administers and develops the municipal waste management system in Northern Lithuania. We believe that education is the key to personal development and the future of societies. The Save The Baltic Sea expedition campaign is a great example of how to draw public attention to the problem of pollution and contribute to it’s solution. We support and spread the word about the protection of the Baltic Sea!

Telšiai Region Waste Management Center

Sustainability is conscious thinking and behaviour, not only in our own homes, but also in our common home – nature. UAB “Telšių regiono atliekų tvarkymo centras” is a company that manages waste management in the municipalities of Mažeikiai, Telšiai, Plungė and Rietavas.

By supporting the expedition “Save the Baltic Sea”, we aim to draw people’s attention to the fact that proper waste management contributes significantly to a cleaner common home – nature – and will help to preserve our Baltic Sea!

Science Institutions
Klaipėda University Marine Research Institute

“We support the expedition because it is another really impactful way of spreading scientific knowledge and a great platform for discussion, exploring our own way of contributing to solving the problems of the Baltic Sea. A well-informed, aware and responsible public can do a lot, both to change the habits of their daily lives and to encourage targeted political solutions.”

Aplinkos Apsaugos Agentūra Environmental Protection Agency of Lithuania

“The Environmental Protection Agency of Lithuania is responsible for monitoring the state of the environment in Lithuania, tracking its changes, and providing data. One of the agency’s areas of activity is research and measurements of pollution in the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon, including data analysis and recommendations for improvement. Continuous monitoring and data collected by scientists help objectively assess the condition of the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon, understand emerging threats and challenges, and take effective actions.”

Institute of Oceanology of Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAN) Climate and Ocean Research and Education Laboratory
“In compliance with the philosophy behind the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in our research, we propose a holistic approach to the description of phenomena that occur within the natural environment including studies on the impact of climatic change on the natural environment, and on humans.
We believe that we need to communicate to society about how to mitigate environmental changes and what actions should be undertaken in order to adapt to them. Therefore, our team is involved in the organization of educational and communication based events, which aim at promoting the awareness and knowledge of the changing environment”
University of Tartu Estonian Marine Institute

“The Estonian Marine Institute is a hub of marine research and innovation in Estonia dedicated to safeguarding the Baltic Sea. The institute is committed to environmental conservation and plays a pivotal role in advancing scientific knowledge and sustainable practices. Through collaboration, the Estonian Marine Institute wishes to contribute to the mission of achieving a cleaner and healthier Baltic Sea, ensuring a brighter future for both marine ecosystems and the communities that depend on them.”

Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW)

“The Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW) is a marine research institute which is specialized towards coastal and marginal seas with a strong focus on the Baltic Sea. With our work we want to make the best possible scientific findings available to society and policy makers for decisions that enable sustainable use of the Baltic Sea. Supporting the Save The Baltic Sea initiative allows us to underline this and to interact directly with important stakeholders.”

Daugavpils University Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LHEI)

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Mykolas Romeris University

“We care about people. We care about nature. We care about the quality of life for present and future generations. The Save The Baltic Sea expedition reflects our deep-seated values of education, environmental protection, and community engagement.”


Kaunas University of Technology

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Governmental institutions
Lithuania Vilnius City Municipality

Vilnius, the 2025 European Green Capital, embraces sustainability as a guiding principle. Despite the distance from the Baltic Sea, the city recognizes the pressing issue of Baltic Sea pollution and actively supports initiatives like the ‘Save the Baltic Sea’ expedition. In our pursuit of a greener future, we stand united with coastal communities, understanding that the health of the Baltic Sea is crucial for all. Together, let’s inspire change and foster a sustainable legacy for generations to come.”

LITHUANIA Kaunas City Municipality

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Lithuania Rietavas District Municipality

“In our society, we have a common misconception that if there is a significant distance between my home and the sea, it means we cannot create pollution if we don’t travel to the seaside directly. However, the sea begins right where each of us lives. In order to preserve our natural wealth and the Baltic Sea for future generations, each of us must start with ourselves.”

Lithuania Trakai District Municipality

“It is known that the impact of modern human activity on the environment is not solely local. Therefore, we aim to educate the public that harmful human habits and activities have a direct and hardly correctable impact on even the most distant ecosystems worldwide, and its consequences eventually return to our living environment. It’s a fact that all rivers eventually flow into seas and oceans, and Lithuania’s largest rivers flow into the Baltic Sea. Hence, we must understand that its preservation is in all of our hands.”

LITHUANIA Plungė District Municipality

“The issue of environmental pollution is becoming increasingly relevant. The quality of the environment surrounding us is important to us. We believe that public education is of great significance in achieving positive changes, because only a proper understanding of environmental issues can compel everyone to take small or large actions towards positive improvements.”

LITHUANIA Neringa Municipality

“The pride of the Neringa municipality, located in the west of Lithuania, lies in the cultural landscape of the Curonian Spit and its inhabitants who nurture it. The Curonian Spit landscape, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, was shaped through the interaction between humans and nature, yet it constantly faces threats from natural forces. Conservation efforts for the peninsula began a century ago and continue to this day, now encompassing a much broader range of areas. This is reflected in Neringa’s aspiration to become an eco-friendly resort by reducing single-use plastic, sustainably and efficiently utilizing energy resources, and implementing measures to raise public awareness. A crucial part of this endeavor is caring for the Baltic Sea and its coastline.”

LITHUANIA Klaipėda City Municipality

“At Klaipėda’s beaches, which are maintained by the budgetary institution ‘Klaipėdos paplūdimiai’, traditional litter collection campaigns take place. These involve municipal enterprises and organizations, socially responsible businesses, as well as individual coastal cleanup actions. Various educational and environmental activities are carried out in the city’s educational institutions to instill environmental care in children from an early age. Environmental topics are relevant in other institutions and workplaces as well.

The future of the world is in each of our hands. What we can preserve, we must cherish.”

LITHUANIA Vilnius District Municipality

“Is the Baltic Sea far away or close to us? It begins in our homes, on the streets, in rivers, in cultivated fields. Do we know how to save the Baltic Sea? Yes, we do. Let’s start with ourselves and discover a balanced connection between nature and humanity. Let’s turn to environmentally friendly, harmonious action, to saving and reusing resources, to sharing.”

LITHUANIA Šiauliai City Municipality

We are known as the shiny city of the Sun and without the help of the sea we would simply burn out. It goes without saying that our wellbeing is directly related to the one of the sea.”

LITHUANIA Biržai District Municipality

“We support the Save The Baltic Sea expedition because the Baltic Sea is a unique and vulnerable ecosystem. Therefore, it is important to draw public attention to the deteriorating ecological condition of the Baltic Sea due to intensive human activities, irresponsible waste management practices, sustainability issues, and environmental concerns in general. This deterioration occurs annually, and it inevitably affects the entire Baltic Sea ecosystem, including our environment.”

LITHUANIA Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of Poland

“The Embassy of Lithuania in Poland supports various environmental initiatives and projects that contribute to a better and cleaner environment. At the Embassy, we do more than just recycling our waste – we also support and participate in environmental initiatives wherever possible. For instance, Embassy staff take part in the annual “Clean Up the World” campaign. We believe that the “Save The Baltic Sea” expedition has a significant educational function, and we are happy to contribute to it. We are certain that the environmental awareness of people, especially the younger generation, is a key factor in ensuring a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment.”


LITHUANIA Šilalė District Municipality

“Šilalė is a town in western Lithuania, in the region of Žemaitija, Tauragė County, located 80 km away from Klaipėda and slightly less than 90 km from the Baltic Sea. The main resort where our locals spend their leisure time is Palanga. This city’s shores are washed by the Baltic Sea, so the expedition ‘Save The Baltic Sea’ is important in enlightening the public about the fact that this sea is among the most polluted seas in the world.

Education helps to understand that each person is responsible for preventive actions in ensuring the health of our sea.”

LITHUANIA Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Federal Republic of Germany

“We support the “Save The Baltic Sea” expedition, as there is no other thing that brings us together and unites us like the Baltic Sea. The sea is our common destiny. It is our joy and our sorrow. It separates and unites us. It is our hope and our solace, our past and our future. The Embassy of Lithuania in Berlin, along with our entire diplomatic service, is well aware of the geopolitical importance of the Baltic Sea, of which the ecological balance of the sea and the sustainable use of resources are an integral part. Therefore, we are proud to be a part of this expedition.”

LITHUANIA Druskininkai District Municipality

“In Druskininkai, every effort is made to minimize pollution – each time new objects are built, projects are planned with advanced energy solutions in mind. Active and purposeful work is already yielding results – there is no other way: Druskininkai must be an example for all other municipalities in the field of energy development progress.

Our daily focus is on ecology, reducing air pollution, and preserving the environment around us, therefore we support the expedition “Save the Baltic Sea”

LITHUANIA Visaginas District Municipality

“Supporting the “Save the Baltic Sea” expedition, we stand behind noble individuals who rally strong forces around them, aimed at even greater change. Our Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world, and it is the responsibility of us all. The environmentally sensitive Visaginas municipality, together with the organizers and participants of the expedition, takes on this responsibility. We are responsible for our Baltic Sea, and together we will create change!”

LITHUANIA Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Copenhagen

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Ignitis Renewables

“Ignitis renewables” aims to ensure the region’s energy security and independence by developing green energy, protecting the environment, and striving to mitigate climate change. One of the largest projects we are currently undertaking to achieve these goals is the first offshore wind farm in Lithuania and the Baltic States. Generating electricity using wind at sea is an innovation for all of us and a great opportunity to draw attention to the Baltic Sea. Therefore, “Ignitis renewables” supports “Save the Baltic Sea” and invites more people to join the conservation efforts.


“The preservation of the Baltic Sea matters because we all share one ecosystem. The decline of the Baltic Sea’s health directly affects our lives. If the water quality keeps deteriorating, we might not be able to enjoy its beaches. The joy of bird songs or abundant fish could be lost if pollution and eutrophication create a dead zone. The Baltic Sea’s dead zone, now larger than Lithuania, is a clear sign of this threat. To avoid further regression, it’s imperative for both businesses and individuals to act.”


“We love nature and its wildlife, so we understand the impact of our decisions on the world’s future. How we develop our business is extremely important to us. In all our business and design decisions, we weave in respect and honesty. We don’t compromise when it comes to the conditions under which people work or the footprint we leave on the planet.

We are contributing to the Save The Baltic Sea project because we understand that education is one of the main tools that allows raising awareness and changing people’s perspective towards a more beautiful tomorrow.”


More information coming soon


Save The Baltic Sea reflects two of our core, fundamental beliefs:

  1. Nature is incredibly necessary for man. And to be able to enjoy it, we have to protect and take care of it.
  2. Adventures and challenges improve and educate us.

Not everyone is ready for such a long and complicated adventure, so we boldly look at the Save The Baltic Sea team as a team of fearless ones. We are happy for everyone who is determined and wishing to come back even stronger!

What about us? We will try to make this adventure for a dozen people more comfortable and easier – so neither rain nor wind is scary. And these two will definitely be the expedition’s travel buddies and companions. We will try to make sure that the cold does not touch the body, and that the summer’s sun warms the hikers pleasantly, instead of burning the skin. So that every step taken is assured and stable. So that a smile shines in each hiker’s eyes.”


“Every step that encourages us to live and act more sustainably and responsibly is important. Anyone can take significant actions that can make an impact. With the Baltic Sea, we all feel a connection – it belongs to all of us. The countries where Tele2 provides services are located around it, so we know that the conservation of the sea matters to our customers as well. We encourage more businesses to contribute to creating positive change.” – Petras Masiulis, Tele2 General Manager for Lithuania and the Baltic States.


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Green Genius

“Green Genius actively promotes the transition to renewable energy and nurtures a circular economy and a sustainable way of life. They aim for this not only in their direct activities but also by collaborating with businesses, policymakers, and the general public. We believe that the Save The Baltic Sea project is an excellent tool for the public to familiarize themselves with potential solutions for living in harmony with nature.”

Žaliasis taškas

“Žaliasis taškas” is a packaging waste management organization, and our main goal is to ensure all packaging waste reaches recyclers. Unfortunately, we still notice packaging waste in nature – in recreational areas, forests, lakes, and by the sea. Litter scattered in this way will never become new products, so it is necessary to draw public attention not only to caring for a clean environment but also to properly sorting packaging. Environmental goals can only be achieved through cooperation, so we hope that the results of the expedition will not only draw attention to pollution problems but also encourage residents to engage in a proper waste management system by sorting household waste.”


“DPD Lietuva is part of Geopost, delivering parcels across Lithuania and internationally with efficiency and reliability. Our mission is to offer flexible delivery solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, from businesses to individuals. We embrace technology to improve service quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring every package is delivered on time. Committed to sustainability, we focus on reducing our environmental impact through eco-friendly initiatives and delivery methods.

Committed to sustainability, we focus on reducing our environmental impact by expanding our electric vehicles fleet, using renewable energy in our offices and other eco-friendly initiatives.”


Movement is life, and an expedition around the Baltic Sea to preserve it makes all this even more meaningful. We believe in the success of the expedition, and the LEKI poles Cross Trail Fx Superlite will undoubtedly help all participants.”


“We produce certified organic products with the help of which we hope to improve the well-being of consumers. This is our small but important goal to achieve on a daily basis. Today, we are especially happy to be able contribute our small purposeful aims to a big mission – the “Save The Baltic Sea” project.

“A clean environment” is a phrase familiar to us, therefore, being a part of this important expedition, we will try to help to achieve that everyone repeats this concept phrase to elevate the result of this mission!”

“The main activity of is the sale of equipment for photography and videography professionals. is created by professional photographer’s whose declaration is to find and offer best solutions in the photography and videography business. ”


“Well–being of Baltic Sea is our all direct personal matter. Therefore, on behalf of Sangaida team we would like to thank organizers of initiative. Your input is deeply important. ”

Hotel Vanagupe

“Recognizing the importance of the Baltic Sea and its ecological condition for all of us, not only for Palanga, not only for Lithuania, but also for the inhabitants of the entire region, the hotel “Vanagupė” decided to support the excellent idea of the expedition on foot around the Baltic Sea.

We hope that by supporting the expedition with our  services – we will help the team to achieve their goals – to promote the culture of marine conservation, to inform the public about the state of water ecosystems, the impact of human activities on the sea, and to familiarize them with ways to halt the decline in marine biodiversity and pollution. The future of the sea we live beside, whether we can continue to enjoy its gifts, benefits, pleasure, and goodness, depends on the joint efforts of all of us.”


“We are supporting the Save the Baltic Sea initiative as a natural consequence of our actions related to sustainable development and environmental protection. As a brand, we are already members of organizations such as 1% for the Planet,the  EOCA, and individually, we support the Wetlands Conservation Center organization. The Baltic Sea requires immediate action to stop processes that degrade its natural environment. Living and working by the Baltic Sea, we should especially take care of our backyard. Therefore, we are finding the Save The Baltic Sea support as our duty. The Save The Baltic Sea team will be using our sleeping bags during their journey, which will be tested in the unpredictable conditions they will encounter along the way. We wish them good luck and keep our fingers crossed. Happy Trails!”

Boho Cafe

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Estrella Baltics

“At „Estrella Baltics“, we are passionate about enriching people‘s lives with the right choices of great-tasting, top-quality savory snacks. We’re always striving to make our products tastier and healthier while maintaining the highest levels of food safety, where plastic packaging plays a key role in this context. To reduce the impact of our product packaging, we have developed a company-wide strategy to ensure we become more efficient in how we use packaging.

As a company operating in 3 Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – we feel especially strongly about the initiative „Save the Baltic Sea“ and are happy to use the opportunity to support the mission: 1 cent of the proceeds from each sold bag of our special „Baltic flavour edition“ flat potato chips will be contributed to the charity foundation of the expedition „Save The Baltic Sea“. ”


The aim of the “Save The Baltic Sea” expedition – to raise public awareness about the pollution of the Baltic Sea – is fully in line with the initiatives supported by Neste. “Neste is constantly striving to contribute to initiatives that promote sustainability, more sustainable lifestyles and educational activities in the name of sustainability.

For two consecutive years, we have been organising the summer campaign “Together for a Cleaner Baltic” in all three Baltic countries, where our customers can contribute to the clean-up of the Baltic Sea and its coastline without any additional financial contribution, simply by paying with the app at Neste petrol stations. The funds raised by the campaign are used to clean up the Baltic Sea, e.g. by cleaning up the coastline or searching for and hauling sunken nets. The campaign also educates the public about pollution in the Baltic Sea.


We are proud to provide roasted chickpea snacks for the members of the Save the Baltic Sea expedition to support their meaningful cause. Chickpeas are not only a tasty snack but also a source of protein, which we believe will provide the sustained energy needed during the expedition. By providing snacks rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins conducive to health, we contribute to ensuring that members have the endurance necessary for the mission of preserving the Baltic Sea. Additionally, through this partnership, we aim to contribute to increasing public awareness and inspiring expedition members to act and demonstrate their dedication to creating a sustainable future for future generations.

Fakto Auto
Media and Communications

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Tvari Lietuva

More information coming soon


More information coming soon


More information coming soon


“We are pleased to be able to significantly contribute to the Save The Baltic Sea expedition with our competencies and resources. In Amston’s vision, we are committed to creating a better future, so upon learning that the Baltic Sea is among the top 5 most polluted seas in the world, we decided to contribute to the initiative where we are strongest—by selecting the best team of hikers.”


“This partnership reflects our common goal with “Save The Baltic Sea” – to promote well-being in our region. Strengthening environmental activities and promoting change are extremely important for the sustainability of our planet, and the project’s activities significantly contribute to the preservation of a clean and vibrant Baltic Sea for future generations.”

Ateik ateik

“We joined this project because sustainability is one of our values. We are located right by the sea, which is visible through our windows, and it holds great significance for us. The Baltic Sea is a significant part of our own experiences and those of our guests. We want to encourage our guests to contribute to activities aimed at preserving it.”

Vilnius Home of Psychotherapy

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Nardymo Akademija Diving Academy

“We care about our future, and that our environmental problems are addressed. We know them and see them, because we spend our time in that environment, and understand that it is the ‘invisible side of the moon’ – and that those wounds really exist, and are very acute.

It is important to educate the public about the pollution of the Baltic Sea because there are many people who would like to contribute, and the goal is to show them the possibility to do that. People don’t always see, and you can be the lighthouse.”

LKA Travelers Club

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