It is day of the hiking expedition around the Baltic Sea!

3rd week. Puppies and beach clean-up at Darlowo

Apr. 08, 2024

It has been an intensive week.
Once again, we felt the hospitality of the locals – we were greeted with kisses and sweets from our overnight stay in Łeba, and for a couple of hundred meters we even hiked with a group of puppies. It is so rewarding to touch people’s hearts when talking about the expedition and hearing that we have inspired them to change at least a few habits that harm the sea.

And while national parks and sanctuaries here are well maintained and kept clean, once we leave the grounds we encounter the already painfully familiar problem of the Polish seaside – lots of abandoned litter. It is hard to describe the amount of rubbish, but it still does not seem to be a high-priority challenge for the Polish population. Perhaps the deposit system that has been so successful in the Baltic States will finally make its way here.

And despite the trash we feel hopeful – our beach clean-up events are attended by many local people. And the younger generation is keen to improve the situation that Poland finds itself in.

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