It is day of the hiking expedition around the Baltic Sea!

2nd week. Sleepover at a fire station and meeting Polish ponies.

Apr. 08, 2024

250 km already. That’s how far we’ve traveled in the first two weeks of the “Save the Baltic Sea” expedition. We used countless patches, our legs are almost able to cope with the strain. We were very warmly welcomed to Poland. The majority of the hike continued along the picturesque Baltic Sea coast, where we had the opportunity to meet friendly locals. Although the language barrier was a problem at first, we resorted to sign language to explain the purpose of our expedition. Next, we will try to learn some Polish so that it will be easier to communicate and talk about the mission in the future.

One of the few things that surprised us was the abundance of naturally growing forests. Most of the coastal forests that have passed through Poland have not been planted by man. You can find, why that is important in our last video.

Another surprising thing – the amount of trash. What puzzled us the most – they were frequently tied in a plastic bag and left hanging on trees.

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