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Launching a project to reduce the impact of agriculture on climate change

Nov. 01, 2023

Agriculture is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG) in Lithuania, therefore, effective implementation of climate change policy in the agricultural sector can significantly contribute to reducing the impact on the climate and adapting to it.

Climate change mitigation advocacy in agriculture

The aim of the project “Climate change mitigation advocacy in agriculture”, led by the Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania, is to increase the effectiveness of climate change policy implementation in the field of agriculture by working in the areas of legislation and public information. 

“We will carry out analyzes of various strategic documents, and based on them, we will inform politicians and the public about how our country is succeeding in fulfilling its promises to stop climate change. We will also encourage farmers to apply farming practices that are friendly to nature and the climate, increase public interest in the impact of food products and agriculture on the climate and ensure that public opinion would be heard and represented,” says project manager Rita Grinienė from the Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania.

Expedition around the Baltic Sea to raise awareness about agricultural impact

During the project year, several public information campaigns about the impact of agriculture on climate change will be implemented in Lithuania. One of them is the ambitious “Save the Baltic Sea” expedition on foot around the Baltic Sea by the partner “For a clean Lithuania”.

“97% of the Baltic Sea is affected by eutrophication – excessive amounts of nutrients that cause algal blooms. This results in the development of dead zones – lifeless areas with not enough oxygen for marine animals to survive. The excess nutrients reach the Baltic Sea mainly from unsustainable agriculture. Therefore nature-friendly farming is an essential component of the health of the Baltic Sea,” says the leader of the expedition “Save the Baltic Sea”, Giedrius Bučas.

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